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Continue Shopping Button on Elementor Cart Page


Works well with the Elementor Cart Widget. Adds a 'Continue Shopping' button that can go back to your chosen URL




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Continue Shopping Button on Elementor Cart Page

1function cart_extra_text() {
2 echo '<style>
3 #cart-extra-text a {
4 display: block; /* Stretch to full width */
5 width: 100%; /* Full width */
6 background-color: #222222; /* Background color */
7 color: #FFFFFF; /* Font color */
8 text-align: center; /* Center the text */
9 padding: 10px 0; /* Add some padding */
10 font-size: 16px; /* Font size */
11 font-weight: 500; /* Font weight */
12 text-transform: uppercase; /* Uppercase text */
13 text-decoration: none; /* Remove underline from links */
14 border: none; /* Remove border */
15 cursor: pointer; /* Change cursor to pointer */
16 }
17 /* Optional: Add hover effect */
18 #cart-extra-text a:hover {
19 background-color: #FF0050; /* Darker shade for hover */
20 }
21 </style>';
23 echo '<div id="cart-extra-text"><br><a href="" target="_blank">Continue Shopping</a></div>';
25add_action('woocommerce_after_cart_totals', 'cart_extra_text', 10, 0);



  • 4 months ago

    This code snippet injects a styled "Continue Shopping" button after the cart totals on the WooCommerce cart page. It achieves this by utilizing the `add_action` function to hook a custom function (`cart_extra_text`) to the `woocommerce_after_cart_totals` action hook.
    1. Function: `cart_extra_text`
         This function is responsible for creating the button element and its styling.
         It doesn't take any arguments (`0` passed to `add_action`).
    2. Styling (lines 1-21):
         The function first injects a `<style>` tag using `echo` (line 1).
         Within the `<style>` tag, it defines styles for the button element with the ID `#cart-extra-text a` (lines 3-21). Here's a breakdown of the styles:
             Lines 3-5: Set the button to display as a block-level element and occupy full width.
             Lines 6-8: Define background color (`#222222`), text color (`#FFFFFF`), and center text alignment.
             Lines 9-12: Add padding, set font size, weight, and transform text to uppercase.
             Lines 13-16: Remove underline, border, and set cursor to pointer on hover.
             Lines 17-20 (Optional): Add hover effect with a darker background color (`#FF0050`).
    3. Button Creation (line 23):
         The function creates a `<div>` element with the ID `cart-extra-text` to contain the button (line 23).
         Inside the `<div>`, it creates an anchor (`<a>`) element with the following attributes:
             Text: "Continue Shopping"
             Href: Link to your desired "Continue Shopping" page (here, ``)
             Target: Opens the link in a new tab (`_blank`)
    4. Hooking the Function (line 25):
         The final line utilizes `add_action` to connect the `cart_extra_text` function to the `woocommerce_after_cart_totals` action hook.
         Parameters passed to `add_action`:
             `'woocommerce_after_cart_totals'`: The action hook triggered after cart totals are displayed.
             `'cart_extra_text'`: The name of the function to be executed.
             `10`: Priority (optional, set to 10 for execution after other functions with lower priority).
             `0`: Number of arguments the function expects (here, none).
    Overall Functionality:
    When the WooCommerce cart page renders, the `woocommerce_after_cart_totals` action is triggered. This calls the `cart_extra_text` function, which injects the styled button element after the cart totals. The button encourages users to continue shopping on your website.
     You can modify the button text (line 23) and link URL to suit your needs.
     Adjust the styles within the `<style>` tag (lines 1-21) to change the button's appearance.
     The priority (`10`) passed to `add_action` can be adjusted if you need the button to display before or after other elements hooked to the same action (experiment with different values).

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